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It is now time to choose an idea that you want to be the CEO of. Below is a list of business ideas and videos about the ideas. The ones with videos we are fully ready to commit to a founder for. The ones with just text are ideas that we are interested in. Of course, you are always able to explain why your idea is better than any here and why it suits you the best.

After looking through the ideas please refer back to the form and answer the questions about why you picked it, and why you are most excited to do it. You may also pitch entirely your own idea.

“Above “product-market fit” is “founder-product-market fit.” - Naval Ravikant

For those unaware, product market fit refers to a product (whether that be physical or software) finding the right customer base who will pay for it or spend their time using it. This is a key factor for businesses to validate their idea in the market (and their capability to reach that market, even at a small scale).

Founder fit refers to honing in your own expertise on the idea that best suits you. Many of these ideas have come from a range of successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. What’s important is that in the coming questions you thoughtfully write out ideas that come to mind around the idea and how to move forward with it, and why you picked it. This is going to help us understand how your internal cognition on business is currently operating and how you attack abstract problems. Applicants leaving short responses without thoughtful input will not be selected.

Videos Explaining Startups We Are Most Excited About:

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